I'm thankful for the periods of my life where I feel super inspired to create, whether that's taking photos or blogging. A lot of times, however, I struggle with creating anything remotely cool or interesting. Unfortunately with the everlasting struggle to stay afloat within social media algorithms, these periods where I don't feel able to … Continue reading creating.

don’t give up.

Before you keep reading, I'll be talking about self-harm. If this topic is triggering, I'd turn the other way. If not, hello–I want to write about this not only to be able to help others struggling with self-harm, but also myself. I've battled with self-harm for a countless number of years, from cutting to punching … Continue reading don’t give up.

i’m a few years late, but i have ADHD

As long as I can remember I've always shaken my leg(s). It's not driven by nervousness or any sort of anxiousness, it's something that just happens as soon as I sit down. Over the years my leg-shaking has grown to needing to have one foot tapping in-tempo during worship and even shaking my foot when … Continue reading i’m a few years late, but i have ADHD

the voice awakens

*this post contains explicit content. what is shared within this post may be triggering to those who have been sexually harassed or assaulted, please read at your own discretion. This story begins around 3 o'clock on April 26th when I met with my success coach to discuss where I needed to be academically in order … Continue reading the voice awakens

the importance of mothers

Since the first Mother's Day without my mother, I believed year after year that it would be easier to get through. But now that I am starting to understand aspects of my life and realizing how bad I am at this adult thing, it's been getting increasingly difficult to keep it together. At this point … Continue reading the importance of mothers

these hands / miracles

In the past year, these hands have wiped many tears from my face, held razors between their fingers, been clenched to either resist urges to relapse or to collide with my flesh (or an easier way to say that-to relapse), have been covered in dirt one too many times from falling off my skateboard, have gotten … Continue reading these hands / miracles

year one perspective

As of Wednesday, I had completed my freshman year of college and let me just say that I envy those who can sum up their freshman year in a simple Facebook or Instagram post with countless photos. While the good majority of some key events of my freshman year had been documented through my blog … Continue reading year one perspective

hello, my name is _______.

I won't lie-the past two months have been unbelievably wild. I returned to Central confident in my recovery in my mental health, especially through the closer bond I had with my roommates and friends from the month prior after a particular event, joining life groups at His House, and a brand new semester with classes … Continue reading hello, my name is _______.

my new recognized fear

Generally, I know a lot of people. I have many acquaintances and a wide arrange of friends, but only a few close friends. Since moving to Mt.Pleasant, I've met a widespread of amazing (and few that are terrible) people. Whether it was through Instagram, Tinder (yeah, I get it, Tinder isn't a place for making friends-still did), group … Continue reading my new recognized fear